Basic Obedience and Puppy Training

Roller blading with a pit bull www.munciepetsitter.comAll dogs can learn basic obedience and should know basic commands such as ‘sit, down, come, stay’ and loose leash walking. If your pooch pulls you down the road or jumps on guests when they enter your home, contact us. We offer a variety of dog training & puppy training classes that are beneficial  to both dogs AND pet parents. 

Send us a message if you’d like to talk about any of these private training classes we offer or call 765-744-5688. Prices are based on the type of training involved and the number of classes scheduled. Discounts will be given for dogs going through training in the same family. Visit this page for more information about sit-stay-play In-home pet sitting & more.LLC 

Our basic behavior training is convenient, affordable and flexible. In our first session, we’ll meet you & your dog, talk about your goals and set up a schedule to accomplish the training.

We work one-on-one with your dog for the training sessions. Our training will sometimes take place outside and other sessions might include a visit or two to a ‘pet-friendly’ store to work on manners and reinforce behaviors learned.

We’ll teach you techniques to use in between sessions and give you tips to become better leaders.

The private sessions we offer include topics such as:

Puppy manners & the benefits of proper socialization
Basic manners
Bully breed issues
Canine good citizenship preparation (CGC)
Loose leash walking
Clicker training


Ages: puppies 8 weeks old to 5 months

Positive socialization is crucial for proper development of puppies. We’ll focus on positive reinforcement, good manners and basic behaviors such as:  look, sit, down, come, stay, leave it, wait, easy, loose leash walking and how to greet properly. 

We’ll also share some tips on curbing common issues such as:  mouthing, nipping, jumping up and potty training.

Ages: dogs 5 months and over

We’ll focus on good manners and basic behaviors by using food and/or play rewards. Dogs will learn socialization skills and pet parents will learn the benefit of using positive reinforcement. Puppies who have successfully passed the beginner class can progress to this class for further work.

BULLY BREED  For proud pet parents of American Pit Bull Terriers, Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American http://www.munciepetsitter.comStaffordshire Bull Terriers, pit bull mixes or other ‘bully breed’ dogs—your dogs are welcome here!

As a ’pit bull’ momma myself, I understand the negative hype these wonderful dogs get so this class is designed specifically for you.
We’ll focus on proper socialization and rewards, basic behavior training, learn loose leash walking and focus on breed-specific training.
Old dogs can learn new tricks and we encourage training for ALL dogs, regardless of age or breed.
CANINE GOOD CITIZENSHIP (CGC) PREPARATION We’ll teach you about the CGC test and help you and your dog prepare.
We recommend this class to all dog owners, specifically bully breed owners. Testing arrangements can be made to take CGC test at another location.
LOOSE LEASH WALKING  Learn basic training techniques to help you have an enjoyable walk with your dog. We’ll discuss the different types of leashes, collars and harnesses, the benefits of each, and what we think you should use with your dog. We’ll focus on postive reinforcement and use clicker training techniques to help your dog relax and walk nicely. To see a short video of our dog walking services, click here.

CLICKER TRAINING We’ll use Clicker Training while working with your dog because it is effective and we believe it produces results when used correctly.

Although not a requirement, we suggest you purchase a clicker in order for you to work with your dog in between our training sessions.
Note:  Once your dog has mastered a trick or behavior, the clicker will be phased out and used for ‘refreshing’. Anytime a new trick or behavior is taught, we’ll incorporate the clicker.
***Please contact us for current pricing. All rates & services listed are subject to change without notice.
Stay positive,
Kelley Stewart
CEO|Pet Sitter

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