Black Friday Pet-Lovin’ Deal

Did you know that roughly 37% of the American adult population braved the crazy crowds and went shopping on Black Friday last year? That’s roughly 1 in 3…were you one that went? Are you planning on going this year? To see some interesting facts about Black Friday, click here.

Well there’s no need to fight the crowd, pitch a tent and brave the cold while waiting in line for OUR deal, all you need to do is hop online, view the page, send us a message, or give us a call. Our Black Friday deal is super sweet and can help save you time, energy, frustration and most of all, help your dog. Yep, that’s right, your dog.

We’ve come up with one heck of a deal for you dog moms and dads, and you should really, really jump on board and buy this for your dog!

Here’s the deal-e-o…

Our Black Friday Deal consists of 3 Dog Walks per week (12 in one month) for $100. Now that’s $8.33 PER WALK…isn’t your Puppy care by Muncie pet sittingtime worth $8.33/walk? By getting this special, you’re saving over 50% on each individual walk and we think that’s a super deal.

Have you ever thought that your lunch break at work could be SO much better if you didn’t have to rush home to let Fido out? Now you can eat lunch with your co-workers, or hubby or girlfriend and not spend it speeding down Tillotson or McGalliard only to be home with your dog 5 minutes before rushing back to work. Forget about stopping to eat. With our deal, you can be happy. Your dog can be happy. You save time and your dog gets to pee without being rushed!

Details of this special Black Friday deal:

  • This is geared for residents that live on campus of Ball State University or in campus apartment/housing, i.e. The Grove, University Estates, Forest Oaks, Windemere, The Orchard, etc;
  • Complete payment must be paid when we come to your place for the consultation;
  • Deal cannot be combined with other offers;
  • 12 walks must be used in one month;
  • Person may purchase 3 certificates (for 3 months of dog walking) and 2 dogs from same household are permitted per walk, additional dogs are $5 each/per visit; and
  • This is for NEW clients only. Sorry folks, we can’t offer this to our regular dog walking clients but don’t fret, we offer special coupons and incentives frequently, just check our web site periodically, or better yet, SIGN UP to get our updates.

So you’re all in for this deal but have a few questions. Great! We love questions and would love to answer in person or via text, telephone or email. But, review the list below to see if you can find your answer here…

1. My dog doesn’t walk well on leash, can you help him?

Of course we can! Our dog walkers are very capable of helping to teach correct leash manners. We’ll even leave you a note after each walk and tell you what we worked on, how your pup did and some tips we think might help.

2. My dog really doesn’t like to walk on leash but he definitely needs a potty break while I’m working all day. Can you help?

Yes we can. Your dog might not like to walk on leash because he hasn’t been motivated enough. We can encourage him and see what makes him tick. And yes, even without a good long walk, a potty break is a necessity for a dog that’s been cooped up all day.

3. I have a young puppy that I’d like to teach how to walk on leash, will this benefit him?

Absolutely! Starting your puppy off with structured walks is VERY important. We love puppies and would definitely love to show your pup the ropes and how to walk politely on leash.

4. What if it’s raining, do you still walk my dog?

That depends. It depends on how bad it’s raining, the temperature outside and how your dog reacts to the rain. A nice summer shower, yes, we’ll walk in for a little while. A cold hard rain with 36 degree temperature. No, probably not. But we’ll give your dog ample time to potty before going back inside.

5. What if it’s snowing, do you still walk?

Again, that depends. If we have white out conditions, no, probably not. If the windchill makes it feel like 10 degrees below zero, no, we probably won’t walk. But again, your dog will be taken outside and can relieve himself. If your dog has a sweater or doggy coat, leave them out for us so Fido can stay a little protected from the elements.

Still have questions? Send em our way!

Want to book this deal? Awesome…call, text, email or send a message to us Friday and we’ll get you hooked up.

Happy Shopping,

Kelley Stewart

CEO|Pet Sitter

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“Your pet sitting, dog walking, poop scooping specialists!”

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