Pet Sitting Client Spotlight #1 [Masters Degree Student]

There’s a big misconception regarding pet sitting. Want to know what it is? Cost. Many people think that only ‘rich’ people can have a pet sitter. We’re here to dispel that myth and give you specific examples of clients we have right now, that include college students, retirees, small business owners and farmers. Yes, pet sitting is a luxury service you might say, and it’s an exclusive club all pet owners can join. If you love your pet and want the best care for him or her, you’ll find a pet sitter or pet care provider that you trust and one you can rely on to care for your baby. Pet sitting services are for those with expendable income and also for those on limited budgets as you’ll see throughout this series. Be sure to stop by back and read about other current pet sitting clients. We’d like you to see that it IS for everyone that loves their critters.

Having a pet sitter or pet care provider as a local resource is needed and wanted by many pet owners. In the article below you’ll read how two of clients benefit from our dog walking services and why they sought our services in the first place.

Master Degree Students Seeks Dog Walker

These master degree students contacted us prior to their move to Muncie for an internship at the Youth Opportunity Center. They planned to move into a pet-friendly apartment and wanted to hire us to walk their dogs Mon-Fri. Lucky us!

Once they got settled in we started services and have been happily walking for 3 months.

The two dogs are wonderful and our flexibility allows both students to focus on their studies and not worry about their pups.

Prior to moving to Muncie, both ladies lived in Indianapolis and will return once their internships are completed. Also, both ladies utilize dog walking services in their hometown because they work full-time and go to school. They understand how important it is for dogs to be exercised and since their schedules are a little prohibitive, having a dog walker stop by every day is the next best thing to having their mom at home.

This opportunity gave me the benefit of meeting two fabulous dogs and two fabulous ladies. Our relationship has been beneficial to everyone involved. When they return to Indianapolis, they’ll be able to refer any friends or family that need pet sitting or dog walking services in Muncie and even Indianapolis, to us.

sit-stay-play is here to help grad students, professors, teachers, retired individuals, farmers, jet-setters, truckers and anyone that needs and wants our pet care services. Hop on over to our testimonials page to read some happy stories from our clients.

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